Atlanta Harpist Brenda Street


Atlanta harpist plays harp music for wedding reception at Primrose Cottage in Roswell Georgia

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Atlanta Harpist Brenda Street Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Through her years of training and experience as a professional harpist, Brenda has become aware of client concerns and the questions that arise when planning harp music for a wedding or other special event.  If, after looking over the entries on this page, you need additional information, please contact her.



Do you play for outdoor weddings?

Yes, I play for many outdoor weddings every year, but there are certain conditions that must be met.  The harp is a very sensitive instrument and cannot be subjected to moisture or extreme heat or cold, as permanent damage could occur.   It must be placed in a shaded or covered area, on a firm, level surface.  Porches, patios, sidewalks, etc, are all fine, just so there is no direct sun on the harp.   At the first hint of a raindrop, if the harp and I are not under shelter, I will immediately cover it and move to a protected area.  As for temperature, I am unable to play outdoors if it is below 60 degrees.  This policy limits, in general, my outdoor playing in Atlanta to the months of March through October.


How do you get around with the harp, and how much space is needed?

I travel in an SUV and am able to load and unload the harp myself.  (It is 6 feet tall and weighs 77 pounds.)  Having arrived at a venue, I put the harp on a custom-made hand truck, so, generally, any site that is wheelchair accessible is fine for me as well.  I can go over curbs and up and down one step with it, but for any more than that--a staircase, for example--I will need assistance.   As for space required,  an area 6'x4' is enough room for the harp, bench, and music stand.  I do bring a small bench that matches the harp, so there's no need to supply a chair. (Photo of harp and bench)


How much do you charge?

My fee varies, depending on several different factors such as traveling distance, length of performance, type of performance, etc.  Please contact me with information regarding your wedding or other event, and I will be able to give you a customized quote.


I will only need about 15 minutes of music.  Will my quote be less than what you would charge for a longer ceremony?

The wedding ceremony fee will provide you with up to one hour of harp music.  I am unable to pro-rate that, as even with a very short ceremony, there is a significant amount of time involved in preparation, packing and unpacking my equipment, traveling to the venue, etc.   A 15-minute ceremony involves a commitment of several hours for me that day.  (I arrive at a wedding venue one hour before I am to begin playing.)


Do you attend wedding rehearsals?

There has never been the need for me to attend a rehearsal.  Well before the wedding date, the bride, groom, and/or wedding planner and I will have discussed the selected music and the logistics of the ceremony.  On the day of the wedding, it is an important part of my job to match the length of the piece of music to whatever is happening in the ceremony.  As needed, I can lengthen or shorten any piece to accommodate the size of the bridal party and the length of the aisle.  Arriving one hour before I begin playing, I am able to double-check everything with your officiant and/or wedding planner.


Will the harp music be loud enough for everyone to hear?

The harp is an extremely resonant instrument, and the music carries well without being overpowering.  For events of 50-75 people, the volume produced by an acoustic concert grand harp is fine.  If the size of the event approaches 100 guests, I bring a small, battery-operated amplifier.  The microphone is hidden inside the harp, and gives the sound a nice boost without sacrificing its lovely quality.  Using my amplifier, I have played for outdoor weddings with 200+ guests, and everyone was able to hear just fine. 


How do I go about confirming your services?

After we have agreed on all the details--date, time, location, fee, etc--I prepare a confirmation letter that will serve as our contract.  I sign the letter, then either scan it to you or send it by U. S. mail.  You, in turn, will sign it and return a copy to me, along with a $100.00 deposit to hold the date.  (This is applied toward the total fee.)  The balance of the fee is due 2 weeks before the wedding date.  Payments may be made by credit card, personal check, company/corporate check, or money order.   I appreciate my clients very much, and after having been contracted, my goal is for the harp music to absolutely exceed all expectations!